BHM Capital Acquires a New SCA License in Fund Management

Dubai, June 20th, 2022 – BHM Capital Financial Services, a regional leader in financial markets, has strengthened its market position by acquiring the Fund Management License from the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), allowing the company to provide more opportunities to its investors. The license allows the company to establish, manage and promote investment funds. The development is aligned with the company’s strategy to provide a range of financial instruments to suit investors’ needs, whilst having the confidence of working with one of the top-ranked firms in the country.    

Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, Chief Executive Officer, BHM Capital, said “We are pleased to have obtained the Fund Management license. This is a solid reflection of the company’s vision and position as a leading provider of financial services in the region. Our goal is to offer funds that deliver excess returns in the medium and long term. We handle the entire process of putting together a client’s investment portfolio and provide access to new investment opportunities”

Al Sa’di adds, “The fundamental advantage of investing in a fund is that it allows you to delegate investment management decisions to professionals. BHM Capital puts a fund’s investment strategy into action and oversees its portfolio trading activity. While market conditions play a huge role in a fund’s performance, the fund manager’s abilities also play a role. A highly skilled fund manager can help their fund outperform its competitors and benchmark indices.”

BHM Capital devotes top professionals in the industry with extensive knowledge of Financial Statement Analysis, Creation and Maintenance of Portfolio and Asset Allocation and Continuous Management. With this new SCA license in place, the company demonstrates its alignment with the best global practices, world-class regulation and provision of high-quality services, whilst giving investors peace of mind by ensuring that their money is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

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