Prime  Brokerage

Our enhanced Prime Brokerage capabilities combine global & local market access with capital efficiency, operational ease and flexibility. We deliver Brokerage Services with world class technology, in depth market research, personalized service and support to help our clients achieve optimum results trading the financial markets of the world. Clients benefit from a wide range of products and services including:

  • Equities trading
  • Derivatives trading
  • Margin trading
  • Online trading
  • Islamic trading

Investment Management

BHM Capital established an Investment Management function to maximize the risk-adjusted return on clients’ portfolios. Our plan will accommodate various investment objectives via offering full-fledged products and services to serve both institutional and high net worth individual customers as well as managing discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios. We therefore dedicate top experts in the field to preserve the wealth of our clients by following best practices and implementing highest standards.

Market Making &  Liquidity Providing

The Market Making desk at BHM Capital is a source of liquidity for the Capital Markets in the UAE. As a licensed Market Maker on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market, the team provide constant bid/offer prices in listed equities and derivatives. In addition, the desk act as Liquidity Provider for listed companies in the UAE. This service is specifically designed to help companies increase the turnover of their shares. BHM Capital is appointed by and contracted to the company to assist in achieving their specific liquidity aspirations.

Introducing  Services

Clients’ trust goes beyond theservices provided directly by BHM; it reaches to BHM’s large network of local and international banks, finance companies, and well reputed financial services providers, to satisfy the Clients’ diversified financial needs.
BHM provides Introducing services to Clients for the purpose of dealing in non-competitive financial products, and only if the introduced provider is licensed by a recognized financial regulator similar to the Securities & Commodities Authority or the Central Bank.

Research &  Corporate Advisory

We offer clients top-grade research and corporate advisory services that meet highest professional standards. Our goal is to stand out by bringing modern research concepts, while offering bespoke advisory services. On one side, the research function expands to cover periodic public disseminations, thematic notes, and more unique products to come. On the other side, our corporate advisory capability covers a wide range of services, including financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, as well as optimizing corporate actions and sources of funds. Our philosophy is to deliver timely, fair, and clear guidance to our clients based on their objectives and unique circumstances.

قبل الافتتاح - 28 يونيو - أرامكس وسهم السوق وإعمار العقارية

أرامكس وسهم السوق وإعمار العقارية
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