Methaq Takaful Insurance Company appoints BH Mubasher as a Liquidity Provider

Methaq Takaful Insurance Company has appointed BH Mubasher- one of the UAE’s leading capital markets companies – as a Liquidity Provider, upon the approval of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). This new product authorises BH Mubasher to engage with an issuer of a listed security to provide them liquidity, in accordance with the financial market’s rules and regulations.

Galen Moore, Head of Cash Equity & Derivative Market Making at BH Mubasher, said “We are pleased to have been approved as a Liquidity Provider by Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX for Methaq Takaful Insurance Company. This will enable us to maintain tight spreads, increase trading volumes and lower volatility whilst enabling greater price discovery for investors. This is a positive step forward for BH Mubasher and the Market.

Moore continued, “A Liquidity Provider ensures there is a consistent depth to the market for sellers and buyers to transact their orders and enable their liquidity needs to be met. We would like to thank Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange for authorising this move, and in doing so recognising BH Mubasher’s services and contribution to the UAE financial market.”


About BH Mubasher:
BH Mubasher Financial Services is a private joint stock company listed in Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority.

Since its inception in 2006 it has been one of the top ranked firms in the country’s financial markets and a pioneer in financial technology making it a regional leader in providing essential tools for corporate and individual investors.

It offers investors access to capital markets in UAE, KSA, USA, UK and other regional and international markets as well as a wide range of financial services and investment instruments including prime brokerage, investment management, market making and liquidity providing as well as corporate advisory and research.

About Methaq Takaful Insurance:
Methaq Takaful Insurance Company is a registered and licensed General Takaful Company in the United Arab Emirates. It takes the form of a UAE public shareholders company. Its capital is 150,000,000 AED.

The objective of the Company is to offer Individuals and Corporations a complete range of high quality, flexible, integrated, Shariah-compliant insurance products & services, in association with selected Distribution Partners.

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