BHM Capital Financial Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Sharjah to strengthen cooperation between academic institutions and private companies in pursuance of their shared commitment of contributing positively to economic and social development in the UAE.

The MOU was signed on behalf of the University of Sharjah by Dr. Salah Taher Al Haj, Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, and Mr. Ma’an Al Bustami, Chief Operating Officer in BHM Capital.

This cooperation is imperative given the importance of the practical aspect in developing students’ abilities and enabling them to identify forward-looking professional opportunities in Capital Markets. As part of this agreement, both parties will work together on joint activities such as internships, providing experts as guest speakers, Data & Information for Research Projects, ‘Simulated Trading Room’ to impart training for stock market activities that helps to boost entrepreneurial skills among students of UoS at all levels.

The University’s VC, Dr. Salah Taher Al Haj, stated, “we are very pleased to sign this MOU with BHM Capital. This agreement will help us to further develop our cooperation with the private sector and provide our students with great opportunities to gain practical experience in entrepreneurship.”

The CEO of BHM Capital, Mr. Abdul Hadi Al Sa’di, said, “we are delighted to partner with the University of Sharjah, one of the UAE’s most prestigious academic institutions. This agreement will help to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in the UAE, and we look forward to working together on a range of initiatives that will benefit students, academics, and businesses alike.”

Both Parties agreed that this MOU is a valuable opportunity for students at the University of Sharjah who are interested in entrepreneurship current business trends. They will now be able to gain hands-on experience and learn from experts in the field. Moreover, This MOU is in place to extend BHM Capital’s and UoS’ vision for connecting academic knowledge with real-world applications to explore the future of entrepreneurship and teach students about academic and professional competence. This will help the students to identify their skills and help them in their future carrier moves. The MOU will develop opportunities for the students that would like to be entrepreneurs and learn from practical experiences that BHM Capital can offer through this program. In addition, this agreement will help to develop entrepreneurship education at the university and contribute to the UAE’s economic growth.

“Success is best when it’s shared.”

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