BH Mubasher Appointed by Gulf Navigation Holding as Liquidity Provider

BH Mubasher, one of the UAE’s leading capital markets companies, has been appointed by Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC, a leading company in shipping and maritime related activities, as a Liquidity Provider for its shares traded on Dubai Financial Market (DFM), after obtaining the necessary approvals.

Abdul Hadi Al Saadi, CEO of BH Mubasher said, “We are pleased to be appointed as a liquidity provider in the Dubai Financial Market, by Gulf Navigation Holding, which in turn confirms the position of the company and its contributions to the financial market, and holds us more accountable in order to make more efforts to achieve advanced levels of success and excellence in serving our customers according to the highest international standards, which is consistent with our vision to provide new innovative financial solutions.

He pointed out that BH Mubasher, through its position as the liquidity provider for Gulf Navigation Holding shares, will be committed to providing continuous bids and offers for the share to the company’s shareholders, in a way that contributes to raising the level of liquidity of Gulf Navigation Holding shares traded on Dubai Financial Market.

BH Mubasher Financial Services is a private joint stock company listed in Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority. Since its inception in 2006 it has been one of the top ranked firms in the country’s financial markets and a pioneer in financial technology making it a regional leader in providing essential tools for corporate and individual investors.

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